Private Equity

Our globally integrated private equity platform leverages deep vertical expertise to become the partner of choice for companies seeking to accelerate growth.


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Leste Private Equity takes a systematic approach to investing in proven, high-growth companies in the middle-market. We use our capital and management expertise to uncover and unlock value, while enhancing each company’s core capabilities and governance structures, enabling them to continue growing on a clear and sustainable trajectory.


Taking a fundamental, bottom-up approach, our credit strategies invest in real estate credit, asset backed loans, leveraged loans and structured instruments. We offer investment vehicles designed to target specific liquidity parameters, asset exposures and geographic concentrations that satisfy investor’s needs.


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Leste Credit originates and purchases loans collateralized by real estate assets across all property types. The platform uses a rigorous value-driven approach to credit investing which is enhanced by collateral protection and creative structuring.

Our investment philosophy is driven by an integrated process that draws from Leste Credit’s experienced team of professionals, combined with deep industry expertise shared by Leste’s Real Estate Private Equity team. This enables us to overcome complexity while developing innovative credit solutions.

Leste Kapital Solutions (LKS) provides strategic financing to deliver mobile affordability solutions to Manufacturers, Operators, Retailers, and Enterprise channels, making them more competitive and helping them better serve their end customers.

Litigation Finance

Providing strategic capital and financial solutions, we help companies and law firms optimize the value of their legal assets.


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Leste’s Litigation Finance invests in a diverse range of Brazilian legal disputes. Our highly specialized team unlocks the value of legal claims through a deep understanding of corporate litigation and arbitration gained over decades serving as lawyers at several of the top Brazilian law firms.

We originate investment opportunities through a deep active network, providing us with a robust pipeline of opportunities that can produce both aggressive returns and a hedge against economic volatility.

Real Estate

Our approach to real estate equity investing is guided by disruptive forces, demographic trends, market dislocations and supply/demand imbalances, enabling us to invest opportunistically across market cycles and into both traditional and niche asset classes.


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Leste Real Estate works closely with nationally recognized, real estate industry leaders who possess state-of-the-art management and operating teams which, when added to our financial expertise and capabilities, enable us to build scalable platforms that deliver superior risk adjusted returns to our investors.

Leste Real Estate has extensive experience successfully managing vehicles across diverse asset classes ranging from multifamily housing to single-family homes built for rent, healthcare real estate, hospitality and office buildings.

Liquid Strategies

Our global investment team seeks attractive absolute returns through Long / Short, Macro, Event Driven and Quantitative strategies, while constantly innovating and evolving our investment style to push the boundaries of active liquid investment management.


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Leste Global Investments uses proprietary capital to identify talented portfolio managers capable of generating alpha in different environments through discretionary and systematic trading methods. Our investment team incorporates a global perspective by being physically present in four offices across three continents, allowing us to be agile when pursuing opportunities in global markets.

Venture Capital

Our approach to venture capital encompasses strategies leveraging opportunities across the maturity cycle of technology driven businesses that are poised for extraordinary growth.


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Unique Strategies


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Leste Aliya Ventures focuses on mature venture-backed businesses with a visible runway to a public listing or acquisition.

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Leste Clearway Capital aims to generate consistently high absolute returns by providing venture capital backed businesses with debt financing, while securing, through those loans, warrant coverage in the portfolio companies.

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Leste Global Ventures focuses on early-stage businesses that often possess a revolutionary trait or technology that is transforming markets or the way business is conducted.